Yes, I’m a Blackhawks fan

Hello y’all. How are you guys this Saturday? I actually have this Saturday off. It’s weird having today off but I’m joyful. As I’m praying this morning I’m just letting him lead me today in whatever he has for me and to just BE. As I’ve talked before,  I sometimes struggle with that, but as I’ve entered into rest, he then can manifest. When I’m all worried and trying to be God, he can’t manifest and be him in my life because I want to play his role. So much peace has came in my life from entering into his rest and peace this week and it’s so cool to see how he’s been using me. Today, I’m just focusing on Him today and things up above and not of this world and just enjoying the day he has given me.

I want to encourage you to do the same and to allow yourself to experience his great love today.

Im going to a hockey game today!! If you know me, you know I’m a hockey fan. Yes, im a Blackhawks fan 😍

So much love,



Radical dude

Hey guys. I know I’ve been absent lately. I wanted to update you guys on some awesome things the Lords been doing. The other week I got in the mail a letter about my financial aid from IUPUI & I got a full ride!!! How awesome is God & I found out yesterday that one of my good friends got a full ride to uindy also. I decided to give it to Him a long time ago and look at what He did. I’m so excited to learn and be apart of all He has for me. I’m going for informatics. I’m not quite sure my specialty maybe cyber security??


A fun little spur of the moment idea my boyfriend had about 2 weeks ago was to get out noses pierced. I know radical, right? Haha here some pictures of us.

I pray all is well with you guys. Graduation is right around the corner for me yay!!


So much love,


Em 💜

Fav makeup product of the week award!! 💄💋

Hey guys,  welcome back! I wanted to share with y’all my favorite makeup product of last week. I accidentally slept in my makeup and it killed my eyes the next morning so I kind of didn’t want to the next couple of days 😂  But my favorite product goes to Benefit Roller Lash. I bought mine at Ulta but you can definitely find it at your local Sephora or Ulta or online.

If you guys have any favorite product lately let me know or if you try this out I would love to hear your thoughts.

Know you are loved by the Creator of this universe, Jesus.

So much love,



Hey guys! Thank you so much for all who participated and for checking out my blog. I want you guys to know how loved you are by God right now. I pray that His love reaches you right now where you are, and that you encounter His miraculous and powerful love right where you are, no matter what is going on or how you may feel, I pray His beautiful Spirit overwhelms you into His love, peace, and joy. Lately, I just have felt fear, and its weird because I haven’t felt it that heavy in a very long time. A lot is changing now, as I transition into a new stage of life, yet there is much beauty to be found in it. Over the days, I just prayed and spent time with Him just expressing how I think and feel and for Him to overtake me where I am. Yesterday, as I was praying and starting my day, He brings the sun out and floods me with His peace and joy, and wow, how amazing is it. I am so thankful to be blessed and carried in peace right now. He has calmed me and lead me to still waters and restored my soul. (Psalm 23:2 reference) Its so peaceful entering into a still mind with everything constantly moving around me, oh how thankful I am. As I am typing these words please know that you can have that too. He is so personal with you and will meet you right where you are. Oh boy, how his love overtakes my whole being into existence with Him. His limitless being is so break taking my human flesh can not begin to fathom. I pray that as you guys come here you can too have your own experience with God.

The winner is guys……….. @stayshapearl !!!!!! She is a beautiful spirit full of live and adventure and such a wonder to talk with. Thank you for you’re existence in being you and please know that it is more than enough and is so loved, so thank you staysha and congrats!!!!!!!


So much love,



Hey guys! I am announcing that I am hosting a giveaway! The giveaway is for a $25 VISA GIFT CARD. I wanted to do this for y’all for supporting me and being apart of my journey. So, this is how it works.

Shoutout my blog on you social media (insta, twitter, youtube). Once you have done this comment done on my picture where I promote this. The time to enter is a week so you have to keep up the shoutout until the week is over. Now, you can enter yourself as many times as you want by shouting out my blog, but you have to comment done on my picture every time. If you subscribe to my boyfriend’s YouTube channel you get entered twice, but you still have to shout me out once. When you subscribe to his channel and have shouted me out, comment done and add that you have subscribed and your youtube name so I can look for you. I will randomly be selecting someone! You have until Wednesday afternoon to enter! I will link his channel down below 🙂

my instagram: emilyepat

If you have any questions dm me on instagram!

So much love,


I could watch makeup videos all day long

Good morning! I can’t believe its almost March, wait thats tomorrow. If you didn’t know lately I’ve really been into makeup. I watch so much youtube videos, its crazy, but I wanted to share with y’all some of my favorite you tubers. I will link them down below for you guys. Go check them out :-))

p.s. go checkout my boyfriends youtube channel 🙂

I want to encourage you guys today to rejoice in all that The Lord has done and is continuing to do for us today! Oh, how great is He!

So much love,


It’s Not About What You Wear It’s How You Wear It.

~✿ Just Lily Things✿~

Hello friends,

Own your shit.

I know, what a way to start this blog, cussing. Honestly though, there’s no other way to say it other than:


If you’re confident in what you wearing whether its a plastic bag or Prada, the beauty will pour out of you. You are what makes the clothes on you beautiful. If you feel it, other people will too, no matter what you wear. Never let, “I don’t I could pull that off” or “It wouldn’t look good on me” stop you. You put those clothes on and you own it. Strut your stuff, walk with your head held high and smile. Not only will people gravitate toward you more but you will feel so much better. Everyone deserves that feeling of beauty or attractiveness but you are the creator of that. Figuring out that someone else doesn’t define my beauty really…

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Catch Evandpat on insta

Hey guys! So i know this amazing photographer and I wanted to share some of his work with you guys every week. His pictures can speak right to your heart in a way that you need it to. Every week I ask him to send some pictures to me and I will share with you guys my favorite of the week. IMG_4588.JPG

How beautiful right?!!! You can check out his work on Instagram at @evandpat . You can contact him there too if you want to do some work with you also. :-))

So much love,


Favorite Makeup Product of the week goes to…..

Hey guys so today I wanted to start something new with you guys and share my weekly favorite makeup product! As everyone knows makeup is something that you have to try out. Some products may work for some but not for all, so its a trial and error process (lets hope not too much error lol). The product of the week goes to………………………………….



Becca opal highlight! (clapping) The reason I chose this product is because it is a great formula but also it compliments me very well. Opal is a gold highlight and as a pale girl usually it wouldn’t look to good without some color but it gives such a healthy glow and light that it rids me of the usual norm with gold highlights. If you’re a tan or pale girl definitely be open to trying this highlight because I’m sure it will compliment you as much as me.

I will link a site below where you can get this product ( I don’t want y’all feeling left out). If you end up trying it let me know what you think and how it works on you. I would love you hear from you. I got mine at Ulta but there are a couple different places you can get it.

Happy makeuping (thats not a verb lol)

Don’t forget to share you’re thoughts, I will be having a weekly favorite!

So much love,


Monday blues..

Hey guys! As exhausted as I am this Monday it is a beautiful day to rejoice in the Lord. I wanted to share with you guys some awesome things I learned in church Sunday. To start off a major spirit that tries to control us today is the spirit of mammon. Mammon translate to riches. Why is it that we are so obsessed with money and spend all of our lives to die without it. We allow the spirit of riches (mammon) to run our lives and tell us that we do not need God. Honestly, I am laughing because haven’t we all been convicted of it? But Im also laughing because I can’t imagine my life without Him. Money to God is least area in His Kingdom. All $ comes from him leading to the fact that if we can’t be trusted with little, we sure can not be trusted with a lot. People have this religious idea that Christians can’t have money. This ridicule was developed from religion law, but we are free from it and under grace. When we worry and idolize money we are serving the spirit of mammoth, and no servant can serve 2 masters. God would rather us serve one or the other, but certainty not both. The spirit of mammon creeps up on us without our knowledge and acceptance. He tries to give us promises that only God can give us, such as joy, security, and identity. The lesson here is contentment. Paul talks about in Phil. 4:11-13 that he knows what its like to have plenty and little but how he can do all things through Christ. When we focus on what we have rather than what we don’t have it arises joy. Maybe you’re in a place in your life where you feel stuck and hopeless, but remember this may be a bypass. God is moving you along to where He will have you and the secret to enjoying the journey is contentment in God. 1 Tim. 6:6 ” But godliness with contentment is a great gain.” Let’s live with contentment today and make the ultimate choice to be content despite the circumstance, and when the spirit of mammon tries to arise just remember Hebrews 13:5-6. The Lord is my helper.

Know you’re so loved today and always. Let’s find joy today my friends.

So much love,


65 and sunny in February?!

Hey guys! Praise God with this weather 🙂 Its a reminder of his presence and love for humanity. My church started a book club and we started reading Fervent: A woman’s battle plan for serious, specific, and strategic prayer. I wanted to share some great points with you guys of what speaks to me and how we can overcome the devils strikes on us. Some key points during prayer is

Praise: Praise even when it’s hard.

Repentance: Forgiveness in areas where we need healing.

Asking: Don’t be afraid of asking In Jesus name.

Yes: Yes to God’s promises.

Now this isn’t an exact how to prayer formula, no, it’s a structure for those who are learning how to pray and find their comfort and realness with God while praying. Some awesome scripture to pray is:

Pslam 51:10

Lam. 3:22-23

Jer. 29: 12-13

This book strikes all the area that the devil tries to arise lies to us and how we can overcome through prayer. Is it possible that some of us struggle with prayer or feel lost for words? Please know that it is OK. Prayer is our time with God and don’t forget to listen! As all relationships grow so does our communication and same with God. Aren’t we all tired of the devil trying to ruin us and the people, places, and things in our lives?! Well, let’s arise in the Lord through fervent prayer and overcome. book club.jpg

So much love, Em.